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Company overview

“SIDDHARTH PETRO PRODUCTS” , a private label lubricant manufacturer serving the biggest brands in India and abroad Read More

Mission & Vision

To stretch our wings to reach out to international markets, (as under Our Mission head) , to produce quality products that can be used safely.  Read More


As a grease manufacturer in the private sector we are the first to install Saponator, Colloid mill.We are the first to have a fully equipped R & D Centre. Read More

R & D

Strength of Innovation

Siddharth Research Centre, is committed to continuously upgrade their products using latest additives & base oils relentlessly innovate new products for our valued customers with a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and engineers.Siddharth Research Centre taken pride in its long list of innovative products which include food grade lubricants, energy efficient lubricants & a patented long life transparent grease.

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With an infrastructure conforming to international standards and state-of-art machinery, our clients can look upto us for an equally impressive product range.To quote the highlights:

Specially greases - automotive, industrial and marine. Suitable for plain, anti friction or precision types of bearings.

High End Special lube oils - Engine, gear, industrial and bitumen based specialities.

Advanced lubricating greases - suitable for high temperature, high load, food safe or wet environments, goods for lubricating of sliding or plunging surfaces, as well as for emergency lubrication.

Range of advanced technology metal working fluids - with high levels of bio-stability as well as general purpose or advance machine tool care.
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Apart from the aim of becoming a company which is recognised amongst the best of bests, Siddharth Petro also has a vision. A vision wherein new and upcoming grease and oil manufacturing plants worldwide, follow the same standards of Health, Safety and Environment for which we have been appreciated globally and still maintain very high levels of quality.
For this, we have a totally different marketing segment which looks after developing of fully automated production and filling plans on turnkey basis for overseas clients.

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Putting others first is the best way to end up on the top, especially when others sell what we make. Some of the best brands in market can call themselves the best because they rely on the quality of our products. Here are some for your reference:

British Petroleum , Castrol India Ltd , Sunstar CCI (India) Ltd , AVI Oil Co, Delphi Automotive Systems (P) Ltd , Total Lubricants Ltd , General Motors India (P) Ltd

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