About Us

The Sachdeva family has been in Grease and Oil business for a long time. The seed of the tree called Siddharth Petro Products was sown six decades ago by Mr. Tilak Raj Sachdeva, an honest and trustworthy person, whose relentless efforts have made today's Siddharth Petro a name synonym to "Quality". Mr. Sudhir Sachdeva, his son, took the baton from him 30 years ago and since then achieved several milestones and taken the company to unprecedented heights. Joining him in his endeavor is his young and diligent son Siddharth, whose vision and enthusiasm promises to broaden the horizons for Siddharth Petro Products.

Today Siddharth Petro manufactures a wide range of high-end lubricating greases and specialty oils for the automotive and industrial sectors in India and abroad. Unique, custom blends for specialized needs are also developed in whatever quantities needed. The world class performance of Siddharth Petro products along with its best process know-how has helped to establish some of the most successful brands. These are the brands, built on relationship of quantity service and trust that provide the motivation for further innovation and technical excellence at Siddharth Petro.

A fully equipped company of fine quality lubricating greases and specialty oils is strategically located for the emerging markets of India, South Asia, Africa, Far east as well as the Middle East / Professionally managed and technically qualified entrepreneurs intent on providing succession following the growing demand as a result of the product excellence.